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Anti-Lag system to improve the game

Published on: 2021/03/27 @ 03:25 am

Hello we have included an Anti-Lag system in Global Nexus MU.

It improves a lot the game performance and you can enable/disable it being inside the game.

To make it work enter the game with your character and then you must press in your keyboard:
    [SHIFT + 1]: Hide the Wings
    [SHIFT + 2]: Skills Effects Reduction
    [SHIFT + 3]: Items Effects Reduction
    [SHIFT + 4]: Hide the Zen obtained from monsters
    [SHIFT + 5]: Hide the items obtained from monsters
    [SHIFT + 6]: Hide the Muun Pets
    [SHIFT + 7]: Hide characters and shadows
    [SHIFT + 8]: Hide Skills Effects
    [SHIFT + 9]: Reduce items glow to +0
    [SHIFT + 0]: Reduce objects of the map terrains