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Changelog 13/05/2021

Published on: 2021/05/14 @ 01:46 am

Hi guys, here you have all changes and fixes from this last update:

[!] Fixed Guild Matching waiting applicant approval if length of character name is 10
[!] Fixed inability to receipt Errtels from Gremory Case
[!] Fixed 4th wings of Gun Crusher are not visible by others
[!] Fixed Chaos Mix item enchant mix lock at certain scenarios
[!] Fixed Personal Store invalid item purchase issue
[!] Fixed item reward from GUIDE and MU quest
[!] Fixed Personal Store coins deduction issue
[!] Fixed inability to repair earrings
[!] Fixed inability to upgrade earrings level at Chaos Goblin Mix
[!] Fixed defense bonus for wearing full non-ancient set
[+] Some changes to PVP Balance on DK, DL, GL, RW, GC