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Changes in some systems

Published on: 2021/04/30 @ 02:20 am

Hi everyone. Today we introduce the next changes to server:

-(Elite) Mob drop Temple Gargoyle regarding the necklaces exe + sockets: Now drops between +13 and +15 with life option. It may drop until F.O exe and with 3 socket slots (according to your luck).
-Adjusted the rate to upgrade the seeds spheres from level 10 to level 20 (it has been increased, because it was failing too much).
-S4 Wings creations in the server: Could be obtained F.O with a rate up to 100 % (Acoording to the quantity of Greater Stones that you use), also you would be able to add the elemental options and upgrade its level. The rates to obtains them are adjusted in a way that it would be optional to obtain them from the shop in our website or making them in the server.
-Earrings Upgrade: If you upgrade an Ancentral Earrings +15 F.O to an Honor Earrings, it will keep the level and options of the item.
-PvP: Gun vs Gun damage balanced, and sets mastery from Gun Crusher rebalanced.