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Extra Reward in Resets!

Published on: 2021/03/28 @ 07:09 am

For celebrate the server opening we brings to you an special reset event.

Starting from now, 28 March 2021 and for the time of 1 week, the reset will bring the following benefits:


Normal Users VIP Premium Users
Level Required: 380 Level Required: 360
Goblin Points: 300 Goblin Points: 350
Ruud: 450 Ruud: 600

Please keep in mind that the special events occurs from time to time, so don't miss the oportunity!

And remember to always keep informed in our website and social networks.


UPDATE 29/03/2021: For the good receivement for this reset event and all success that Global Nexus MU have with his players, from now the Ruud Reward per Reset is increase to 450 for free players and to 600 for vip premium players! ENJOY!