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IceWind from now!

Published on: 2021/05/07 @ 03:20 am

Hi everyone!

We will activate the IceWind Event in the server. It will be every day on 23 PM (Server Time). For participate on it, the Guild Master must register the guild throug command /regwind from 22:00 PM to 22:55 PM (every day that the guild want to participate on it).

For winning, the guild master of the guild, need to sit down on throne of Devias 3, for 2 min 30 sec. If he die, other Guild Master can sit down and accumulate time for his own guild. 

The first guild on reach the 2 min 30 sec on the throne will be the winner of the Ice Wind Valley Event. The reward is access to Exile Map throug NPC in Lorencia (outside of the bar, coord 130, 120) and the flame effect on the members of the guild. Exile Map have a lot of spots, and the drop can be normal items, exe items, ACC items and Ruud Coin (250 and 500).